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Large Fire Losses

....what is required for insurers to confirm indemnity?

If you experience a large loss please call Castlemead immediately, we can then arrange for the appointment of a loss adjuster to manage your claim.

To confirm indemnity on a claim the loss adjuster, as soon as he is appointed, will start gathering together information and undertake the searches detailed below. This is why at renewal we must ensure we have all the correct information so if a large loss claim does arise you will not experience any issues with cover on the policy, and the claim will progress smoothly.

The documents and searches will include, but are not confined to, the following:

  • Fire brigade report
  • Police report
  • Photos of site
    • Immediately after loss, prior to any clean up
  • Copy policy schedule
    • To confirm sums insured and specific warranties
  • Copy policy wording
    • To ensure policy conditions and warranties have been applied
  • Copy of proposal form
    • To check disclosure of material facts
  • Copy lease, if applicable
    • To determine your liabilities
  • Copy property valuations
    • To support sums insured disclosed at renewal
  • Criminal convictions of directors
  • Previous fraudulent claims of directors, whether personal or corporate
  • Credit check on company and directors

For immediate assistance regarding large fire loss, please contact one of our directors.

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