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Health Check

The insurance industry has consistently cut its prices over the past few years, this has meant insurers have resorted to ‘tweaking’ their policies with exclusions and additional warranties that make it harder to get claims paid.

Castlemead Insurance Brokers have a professionally qualified team who are familiar with these shortfalls and can check to ensure your insurances are well placed both in terms of cover afforded and premiums paid.

Our ‘Health Checks’ have discovered an exclusion or misrepresentation which, if left unchecked, could leave the company exposed to a substantial uninsured claim or a protracted claims settlement. These shortfalls can normally be corrected at minimal extra cost, often at no charge at all.

In order to complete a ‘Health Check’ for you we need to spend just forty minutes with a key member of your management team who understands how your business operates. We then review this against:

  • Your insurance brokers summary or insurance register
    • This enables us to establish if your business is accurately represented
  • The insurance schedules / policies supplied by your insurers
    • We can then check that the insurances purchased are in line with your assets and activities. If you have not received your policies we have a library to refer to
  • A claims print out to review trends and comment on current pricing

We will then provide you with a written report making recommendations where appropriate and commenting on insurer security according to Standard and Poors giving you peace of mind that your business is well protected

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