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Pricing and Placement

Decisions on the insurance purchased are only able to be made when premiums can be applied to the risks presented. In order to assist you in the purchase of the insurance portfolio we:

  • Document your requirements in a comprehensive presentation to the insurance market to include: 
    • Photographs of your premises and risk locations
    • Claims summaries explaining the reasons behind the claims and the risk management improvements made to reduce future occurrences
    • Full sums insured, liability limits and required clauses and wordings
  • Deal with over 80 insurance providers. It is likely no more than 10 of these will be approached as we will target those insurers:
    • Who have a proven track record of insuring business in your industry of your size
    • Have a minimum BBB Standard and Poor Rating
    • Have not run away from risks when claims occur
  • Present our findings and recommend a portfolio that matches your needs
  • Agree the levels of insurance and premiums with you with the assistance of:
    • A policy summary for each of the risks identified
    • A premium summary for each policy detailing the rates applicable for each asset and liability category
    • Options around premium savings available, increased excesses and liability limits
  • Place the insurance on the agreed basis and provide you with policy documentation

Full documentation is essential for you to be comfortable with the levels and basis of the insurance arranged. The premium spreadsheet enables you to budget accurately for changes in your business and price contract tenders competitively.

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