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Risk Analysis

The specification of the insurance arrangements is at the heart of the comprehensive protection we arrange. Our risk analysis takes the form of the following activities:

  • A visit to your premises to understand its construction and security
    • Where applicable, this may also involve visits to contract sites and those of your customers and suppliers
  • A review of the companies assets
    • Establishing reinstatement values for the assets upon which insurance is required keeping a close eye on fluctuation in stock levels and proposed capital expenditure in the forthcoming 12 months
  • An understanding of the businesses customers, suppliers and dependencies
    • Including anticipated growth areas in terms of both product and geographical location
  • A view of the business’s contractual & financial position
    • Liability limits required by customers, the insurance companies self insurance appetite and the associate levels of excess
  • Analysis of past claim causes, costs and options for mitigation
    • Not necessarily through the insurance route

This process enables us to recommend the insurances you need. The advice you receive is only as good as the knowledge and experience of the people arranging your insurance. 

Case Studies

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