Pricing and placement Pricing, placement, and peace of mind

Our approach to pricing and placement is nothing short of thorough. We go through the small print with a fine-tooth comb and explain everything you need to know in plain English. That way, you’ll know exactly what cover you have and how much it’s costing, along with any specific responsibilities you have under your current insurance contract.

Then, we’ll scour the market to find the best-placed insurers to meet your needs before, ultimately, placing it with the most suitable provider.

How it works

By focusing on the small print we’ll make ensure you’re properly covered. This involves:

  • creating a comprehensive presentation of your specific needs that we take to the insurance market. It could include: 

    • photographs of your premises and risk locations

    • summaries explaining previous claims and risk management improvements to reduce future claims

    • full sums insured, liability limits, and required clauses and wordings.

  • shortlisting 80+ insurance providers down to around 10 that have: 

    • a proven track record of insuring businesses in your industry and your size

    • a minimum ‘BBB’ Standard & Poor’s rating

    • an appetite for the risks you face.

  • presenting our findings and recommending a portfolio that fits your needs

  • agreeing insurance and premium levels with you, based on: 

    • a policy summary for each risk we identify

    • a premium summary for each policy, detailing the rates applicable for each asset and liability category

    • premium savings available, increased excesses, and liability limits

  • placing the agreed insurance and providing all policy documentation.

But our support doesn’t end there. Once we’ve arranged your insurance, we’ll set up mid-term reviews to identify any potential changes. After all, six months is a long time in any business. For example, you might be looking to acquire another business or expand into new markets. Whatever your future plans, we can advise on any implications to your insurance cover and negotiate any changes with your insurer.

And rest assured, we’re always on hand to provide advice and guidance. In fact, our clients love the fact they can just pick up the phone and get straight through to our team.

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What our clients say

Client in the manufacturing sector

Castlemead really understand what we do. It’s a good fit and the size of the business means we don’t feel like a number.

Client in the manufacturing sector

They go the extra mile to give the best possible service, and they look after the best interests of the client.

Client in the aerospace sector

Castlemead have a deep understanding of our sector, we operate globally and they understand the risks we face in our markets. Our previous insurers didn’t have this understanding and it transpires that we had the wrong insurance and were unknowingly exposed. They are very responsive, Richard is the main contact but his team works seamlessly with my team and things get done. I don’thave to chase or worry. It all happens at the right level and it works.Castlemead is very different, there’s expertise but there’s a human element, you’re dealing with people who know your business.

Client in the property sector

They are a small firm and they really take care of their clients. They know what they are doing and they understand our industry. They also have all the history of our company and understand our business so they can just get on with the insurance.

Client in the care sector

We’ve worked with Castlemead for many years. Their specialist knowledge of the care sector means they understand our business and keep us updated with any changes we need to know about. They are extremely thorough in their approach and offer a friendly and efficient service. We highly recommend them.

Client in the property sector

We started working with Castlemead following a merger. Previously our insurance had been handled by one of our subsidiary companies, but following a management buyout we needed to find a new insurance broker and contacted Castlemead on their recommendation. We haven’t looked back! Adrian at Castlemead was extremely thorough in his approach and quickly grasped the size of our commercial property portfolio. He also visited a number of our properties to ensure the insurance cover was right. In my experience, this was the the first time a broker had done this.

Client in the aerospace sector

We feel like we have a relationship with a company who really has got our back. We have genuinely never had this experience with an insurance supplier before. Not only was the Castlemead quote the cheapest, but due to Adrian’s diligence it was also the most comprehensive cover we have ever had.

Client in the property sector

We’ve found the Castlemead team to be through and responsive, and as such, they’ve taken a lot of the admin away from us which is great.

Client in the food & leisure sector

I feel confident that Castlemead has a good understanding of our business and the risks we face.

Client in the property sector

It’s the personal approach, Clive and Sarah know how we operate, they understand what limitations we have and our management set up. They provide the info we need in the right way. Our business is complex and they understand it which makes the whole process easier. They also understand that insurance isn’t our core business or our interest. They make sure we’re properly covered and at a reasonable price.

Client in the food sector

We were with a large VC broker before. They had been taken over so many times, while the contact didn’t change, it felt like it was time to change supplier. I knew Richard from a business networking group, and he had credibility, was clearly knowledgeable, and that gave us confidence to change.

Client in the aerospace sector

We approached Castlemead as they are the WEAF appointed broker and understand our sector. They put forward a robust insurance package for us and a fair and honest proposal. We're delighted with the service we get from them, they deliver on everything they say they will and there's always someone you can speak to when you need to. We never feel like a number, it's a highly personal and professional service.”

Client in the technology sector

Shaun understands our business and is extremely thorough. Castlemead has married up all our insurances and they are now under the same policy date. Whatever the query he will come back quickly with an answer.

Client in the technology sector

The length of time we’ve been working together means that they have a really good working knowledge of our business. They offer a very competent service and are responsive. They give clear advice on any changes and reasons for changes to the policy.

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