Unoccupied Premises

Unoccupied Premises – What is the issue? What is it? What is the relevance to my insurance? What are the regulations? What is the Small Print?  What do I need [...]
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Portable Heaters

Portable Heaters – What is the issue? Portable or transportable heaters are in common use, particularly in commercial premises, to supplement existing fixed heating systems or for use on days [...]
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WEAF 2024 Annual Expo

ROBUST Aviation contracts with Primes are complex You need a broker who can review these contracts and advise on the specific risks your business might be exposed to Standard liability [...]
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Waste warranty & your business insurance

What’s the issue? For business premises, arson or deliberate fire setting is the second most common cause of fire. It  continues to impose significant costs to the economy, with around 80% [...]
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Hot Works Permits and your Insurance

What’s the issue? The third most likely cause of a fire at your premises is an accident during welding, cutting or grinding by a third party contractor or engineer. Most [...]
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Cyber Risk to your Business

Download our Free IT Risk Management Checklist Cyber Risk – What’s the issue? What is the relevance to my insurance? What is it? Cover for Cyber falls into 4 camps [...]
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